Choosing Quality LED Screen Panels Rental Supplier

In the competitive streets of Malaysia, business owners and store owners need to stand out and be noticed by potential customers. There are many ways to advertise, and among them is the use of LED screen panels which can be used to display store ads, display the name of the business high enough for everyone to see, or just create something that will encourage customers to stop and look at what a particular enterprise has to offer. LED screen panels fit the bill nicely because they can be in displayed in various sizes, are comprised of light emitting diodes that produce different colors for an attractive display, and they can be installed outdoors with ease. The city is also home to professional suppliers and installers so purchase and installation is very convenient.

Reasons to Put Up an LED Screen Panel

Advertising is one of the ways to keep a business alive. In Malaysia, business owners need every edge they can get over the competitor. Attractive screen panels that display the name of the business in flashing lights, accompanied by audio, and even displays that show entire advertisements are all beneficial for any business. In fact, store owners can even make money off these displays if they sell the space to other advertisers. For those who are not too keen on spending too much on an LED panel, many suppliers provide rentals as well.

Types of LED Screen Panels

The two types of LED panels are conventional and surface mounted device panels. Conventional panels are those that are used for outdoor screens and are built using discrete, individually mounted LEDs. SMDs are mounted with a chipset and are operated by a computer. These also offer a better resolution at nearer distances. More and more manufacturers now create SMDs that can be displayed outdoors as well.

Choosing Your LED Screen Panel Supplier

There are numerous LED panel suppliers in Malaysia. One quick look around the busy commercial district of KL will tell any businessman that a supplier for advertising LED panels will not be hard to find. However, it is important to make sure that the supplier will provide you with the right kind of LED screen display, provides ample and reliable warranties for the product, and will offer assistance during installation. The best suppliers also offer consultancy services for clients who are planning on putting up multiple displays in the future.

DIGITALITE have been in the business of providing LED screen panels and other displays, as well as stage production, lighting and audio visual supplies for hundreds of clients. Aside from these they also provide video graphic visualization as well as design as feedback. The company has worked with various clients for different events, ranging from small group gatherings to large concerts so it knows the ins and outs of providing captivating, attractive displays for the public. Business owners who want professional services and quality LED screen panels can definitely get the business edge they want if they work with companies like DIGITALITE for their LED display screen needs.