We build our team with enthusiasm and reputation on the best ideas, best resources towards a complete solution. No matter what projects or events we are involved in, we only focus on creating an experience – your EVENT. These are things that we do that you might have interest in building a relationship with us:

Professional consultation on LED screen panels display, Audio, Lightings and special Video Projection systems

We do what we are best at in Digitalite – to help magnify the best of your company in an event. Preparation is often overseen but we never practice it here. We always encourage discussions and consultations so that we can tailor the perfect fitted event for your company beforehand. We assign an in-house staff to be the client's contact, responsible in the coordination of design, choice of audio visual system, system installation, time scheduling etc. We ensure the professionalism based on our expertise and maintain appropriate business ethics where all information received will remain confidential.

LED screen rental and permanent installation

We provide LED screens for rental and installation throughout entire Malaysia. LED screens are ideal for viewing, especially true for outdoor events because LED screens are designed to be visible under bright sunlight. LED screens also proved to be better for night event for its edge on having better clarity compared to conventional regular LCD screens in the market. We at Digitalite specialize in installing LED screen panels in a relatively short period of time. The robustness built into LED panels is suitable for multi purposes, whether to create a backdrop of colors for performances or to display company information in corporate events.

Lighting and system design

Based on our expertise and experience in the industry, we are able to offer clients with a wide variety of screen displays and lighting systems, whatever budget which you feel comfortable without compromising on quality. We understand the unlimited possibilities of combinations and effect when it comes to lighting designs, which is why we play the game differently. We are reliable and creative at the same time.

Production and project implementation

Our projection management team is built with staffs with different expertise, covering all major aspects and details from equipment to software, animation, design and installation. Our technicians who are familiar with the setups will be supervising the assembly of the production. We do testing in house before delivering the idea, and also make sure the system is 100% operational during the live event. We don't like being branded anything less than RELIABLE.

We also cover several other services as below:

  • Special Video graphic visualization design and playback
  • Stage and structure design