DIGITALITE - Malaysia's Rental of AV & Lighting System Company

This is a tale of passion, endurance, persistence, blood, sweat and tears. A group of young and dynamic Malaysians had a dream to embark on a journey few would have considered when storms of global economic disaster wraps itself around the business world – To light up the darkness with digital creativity. We try to perfect the art and science of digital creativity, utilizing LED screens and audio visual effects to help clients reach target audience.

At DIGITALITE, technology drives us to become innovators. Our audio and lighting equipment portfolio is built upon renowned products from leading international brands. Our team of passionate staffs and engineers are always committed in delivering technical and complex events of any size. Digitalite remains curious all the time, hunting for the very latest LED panel technologies to introduce to the market so our clients are assured to receive cutting edge solutions. Technical craftsmanship is proved to be important but what sets us apart from competitors is our focus on customized solutions. Regardless of LED screen rentals or audio visual system permanent installation, we go through thorough testing on our concepts before implementing on live environments. We minimize risk so that clients know they can trust DIGITALITE.

By providing a vast range of audio visual (AV) technology resources combining extraordinary fleets of LED screen panels; lighting system and special video projection systems, DIGITALITE has been involved in some of the most prestigious events in Malaysia. These include Astro Star Quest 2013, Define Privilege Party 2013, Microsoft Surface RT Launch 2013 and counting. We never attempt to compromise on the quality of our work, simply providing the best possible return on investment by using the most up-to-date and cost-effective LED display technologies.

However, simply having the best technology or services wouldn't help us to achieve what we are today if we didn't work with our clients extensively to deliver world class Audio Visual (AV) and lighting solutions. In a perfect world, all will be allies and we at DIGITALITE, strive to achieve this vision where everyone wins. Aspirations to be at top do not apply to us, but to all who work with us.